“Cato Institute and Koch in Rift Over Independence”

Yes, this Sidebar on yesterday’s NYT article is about a lawsuit: Koch brothers v. Cato Institute. But what really fascinates me is how the article makes it apparent that, in suing the Cato Institute — the libertarian “think tank” they founded — the Koch boys have exposed their $zillion attempt, distinctly non-libertarian, to dominate the Republican Party and the country.

Yes, I realize we all know that the Kochs’ Super PAC contributions and contributors are hidden from us little people, i.e, voting citizens, thanks to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. And we all suspect what the Kochs intend, politically.

But in reporting on the Cato-Koch legal battle, the Times‘ Eric Lichtblau makes the Kochs’ imperial purposes startlingly clear. It’s cold, cynical and Koch-aggrandizing, and uses terminology, such as “libertarian,” as a narcotic. So Big Brother.

In one flash, you see the emperors naked, and see their captive “think tank” as empty of anything like actual thought. It’s an ugly sight if, like me, you don’t yearn for this country to become a theo-corporatocracy.


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