CCRB “sexism” thing against Richard Emery

Source: 2 Workers at Police Review Board Drop Sexism Suit Against Ex-Chairman – The New York Times

A lawyer for the executive director of the Civilian Complaint Review Board and her deputy said the decision came after the mayor accepted the chairman’s resignation.

I knew Richard Emery very slightly, but I have met him. I certainly know his and his firm’s reputation as a leading law firm in civil rights. (Incidentally, if you have problems with your lawyer, take a look at the firm’s website–link above–and click on their “new attorney discipline rules” tab.)

When I first read this story in the Times, I said “Huh?” “Huh” meaning: how did these women consider what Richard allegedly said to be…”sexism?” It wasn’t that I didn’t believe that the word pussies was used in mixed company. But from what I read, it certainly wasn’t used as a sexual metaphor. If any entity should be offended, it’s pussycats, slammed for being soft on cops.

Geez, ladies. Before you accuse a terrific lawyer of “sexism” (WTI–translation: “whatever that is”; the word doesn’t seem to slump to the lows of “workplace sexual harassment”), spend some time working in the film business.

I’m not requiring you to go back to the future into the ’60s and 70s, when I was employed by a major motion picture company. Try working in films now. I’m sure the atmosphere hasn’t changed much.

And there’s this, from the article:

“We hope that the filing of this lawsuit sends a powerful message to all of those who silently suffer at the hands of discriminatory and retaliatory employers that the legal system can create positive change,” [lawyer Douglas] Wigdor said. “By dismissing the case without prejudice, my clients reserve the unfettered right to reinstitute the proceedings should they be mistreated or retaliated against in any way.” [My bolding.]

Oh yeah? I assume Wigdor is simply stating boilerplate legal protection for his once and future clients, but that first sentence of his quote is well over the top, for this case anyway.

Richard got a bad rap here and the withdrawal of the lawsuit proves it to me. If Richard Emery’s immediate resignation–cheered on by police unions who represent the very people the CCRB investigates, which should tell you a lot about Richard Emery’s effectiveness at the agency–resolved the problem for these women, I can’t figure out how they were victimized/traumatized.

Sorry, ladies. You may not be pussies but you are certainly prissy to an overweening extent and you’ve arguably sapped legitimate workplace sexual harassment charges of their power to draw public and legal support.

And I suspect you’ve weakened, I hope temporarily, the important work of the CCRB.



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