Celeb chef David Burke sued

I give you this because, well, sure, it’s a lawsuit, but mostly because the Daily News article is ha-ha larded (!) ha-ha with food puns. Really, you must read it because it’s a kick. Oh, maybe not for David Burke and his plaintiffs, but we do what we can to get pleasure out of life. Don’t we?:

Celebrity chef David Burke was living high on the hog on his investors’ cash while chopping them out of his profits, court papers say.

Source: Celeb chef David Burke sued by former business partners – NY Daily News


A culinary tale involving celebrity chef David Burke is playing out in the Supreme Court of New York County and it has all the ingredients of a Hollywood blockbuster.

In a complaint filed Wednesday, Watershed Ventures saucily accuses Burke of “egregious breaches of trust and flagrant self-dealing” that’s allegedly cost them millions. The investment company formed in 2008 under the impression that Burke, whom they call a “grossly disloyal managing member,” would use his star power to develop and promote new restaurants and kitchen products for them. Instead, Watershed argues, Burke left the company in 2014 after they became “aware of occasions when Mr. Burke diverted lucrative business opportunities that were squarely within the scope of Watershed’s business to himself so he could keep all the profits.”

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