Celeb lawsuits of the day

Have you been following the “Justin-Bieber’s-my-baby-daddy” claim lawsuit? Well, don’t bother now: the erstwhile plaintiff “reportedly ordered a cover-up of incriminating texts suggesting another man might be the boy’s dad.”

But what’s really instructive, given my recent advice about cleaning up your stuff before you hire and lawyer and sue, is this, from the Daily News gossip columns:

Mariah Yeater [no-longer-the-plaintiff], 20, sent a text to a friend Wednesday begging him to scrub messages from his phone in exhange for future payment…

Oops. I guess my Sidebar about investigating yourself was too late for this person’s edification, and she withdrew her claim against Bieber last week.

And Gary Busey allegedly behaved really badly in an airport and knocked a woman down during a mad rush to a boarding line. She’s suing. “Busey’s rep Michael Conley dismissed the alleged victim as someone looking for money and 15 minutes of fame.” Yeah, but he didn’t refute the allegation, did he?

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