“Cheerleader Proves To Be Less Than Cheertastic After Suing Her Team”

I’m sorry to report this pickup from legal blog Above the Law: an L.A. Raiders cheerleader has sued the Raiders.

Now, you’re all thinking wild thoughts about what caused her (by name of Lacy) to sue and your imaginations are running amok in the locker room and god knows where else but…

She is suing because she says she’s being paid less than the minimum wage.

So go to town. (Very nice picture of Lacy, not in cheerleading uniform.) And by the way, the Raiders cheerleader troupe is, shockingly, called The Raiderettes.

Have I ever mentioned the peripheral pleasure of loving a football team that doesn’t have (1) cheerleaders; (2) mascots; or (3) marching bands wearing extremely silly garb?

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