Children of the Sadistic Six

Yesterday, my cousin Nancy brought up the six justices we’re doing big hates on right now. Nancy said she’s checked to find out whether these powerful people have children, because she’s wondering what on earth they’re thinking with these decisions that will badly affect their children.

And I’m wondering what their kids could be thinking. Because, while their parents might feel a long lifetime of hiding in your house until you’re driven to work in a bullet-resistant limo surrounded by armed guards is tickety-boo, well, maybe their kids don’t.

I want to ask these kids how they’re planning to cope with the parent’s notoriety. Do they share the, uh, dogma? Did they spend at least one of their teen years rebelling? Do they own a couple of assault weapons? Do they use contraceptives?

Their names are highly recognizable. What are they going to do about that?

Gorsuch has two daughters, one 23 and one 21.

Kavanaugh, too, has two daughters, one 14 and the other…well, her age is being kept unpublicized for some reason.

Alito has two children, one of each gender. They are both lawyers, and married.

John Roberts has two children, a boy and a girl. Both are, I think, in their early ’20s. Amy Coney Barrett has seven children. (Thomas is childless.)

Do these children read newspapers? Do they have Twitter accounts?

It’s nearly impossible to believe these fifteen children have been kept unaware for the past several years, sort of suspended in hammocks as in Coma. Especially the ones who’ve grown up, gotten married, gotten jobs. Eaten in restaurants.

They must know something.

There is no way all of those kids support their parents’ dangerous and misogynistic gobbledegook. No way.

Someone should ask them.




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