Chimpanzees again denied legal rights

Judge Denies Habeas Writ for Two Chimpanzees

Joel Stashenko, New York Law Journal  

Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jaffe said Thursday that while the campaign by the Nonhuman Rights Project to have chimps recognized as possessing the legal rights of humans might succeed in the future, she must rule against issuing the writ.

Maybe because I just posted about a woman who represented herself in a divorce, and then changed her mind about the settlement a few days later: I’m wondering whether the chimps would do better going pro se.

UPDATE 9/1/2015. And it went up further, to a higher court, but the results were pretty much the same: judges aren’t interested in giving habeas corpus relief to chimpanzees.

High Court Won’t Review Chimpanzee Habeas Denials

Ben Bedell, New York Law Journal


In refusing to hear an animal rights organization’s appeal of two Appellate Division rulings denying habeas corpus relief to chimpanzees, the Court of Appeals brushed aside four amicus briefs in support, including one filed by Harvard Law School professor Lawrence Tribe.

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