Chocolate cupcake, pound cake and I Voted

The elementary school where I vote has an election day cake and cookie sale (reasonable prices) in a hall outside the voting booths, and I stopped there post-ballot for my treat(s).

Many choices but I pretty much always go for the cupcakes.

Behind the table of offerings one young lady, age maybe 8, noticed me dithering and helpfully suggested a chocolate cupcake and after some perusal, I agreed. No sprinkles, no decorations, just straight up chocolate with icing.

One of her sales companions (same age) asked if I wanted it in a plastic container. I told him, no thanks. I intended to gobble it up immediately. Then he asked, “Would you like a napkin?”

I thanked him and said I intended just to dribble crumbs and lick my fingers.

Then I bought a pound cake and did accept a bag for it.

I left eating the cupcake. Will try the pound cake tonight, while I’m (trans)fixed upon MSNBC and election news. Sugar will be required, although I have realistic hopes for the results.

P.S. I didn’t think I’d check 538 today, but it’s a habit so my fingers just clicked on the bookmark and there I was. By accident.

One really interesting change. Mike Espy, once a congressman and Secretary of Agriculture, is running what I believe the Dem Party thought of as a brave-but-hopeless campaign for the Senate seat in Mississippi, which is so red, it glows. He’s running against Cindy Hyde-Smith, who was appointed to the Senate by the GOP governor when Thad Cochran had to resign (illness, if I remember).

Mississippi apparently allows a bunch of people to run for the seat even past the primaries, so Espy and Hyde-Smith are “competing” against another Republican and another Democrat. Presumably, if no one gets 50 percent, there will be a run-off.

For the last month at least, Espy and Hyde-Smith have been virtually tied in the polls at somewhere around 38%, while the other Rep is around 17% and the other Dem is around nothing.

I always assumed in a run-off the second Republican’s supporters would go to Hyde-Smith and that would be that.

Today, for the first time (I don’t know who did the polling or what happened), 538 has Espy at 41.5 percent, and Hyde-Smith at 32.

Um. The second GOPer is now at 25% and the second Dem is still around nothing (1.7%, if you want to be anal).

A sudden jump in the polls. Weird. Could we be looking at a…—no, I don’t want to say it. I’m not even thinking it. Too weird.


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