Chutzpah lawsuit of the decade?

Family of Biker Killed in Waco Biker Shooting Files Suit

Miriam Rozen, Texas Lawyer

The family of Jesus Delgado Rodriguez, a 65-year-old great grandfather, former U.S. Marine and decorated Vietnam veteran, who died during the shooting on May 17 in Waco, sued companies collectively doing business as Twin Peaks Restaurants in Dallas state district court.

So wait. A mighty murmuration of gun-toting bikers (at least one of whom, please see above, is a “great grandfather”) shows up at a restaurant for a “political” protest–and maybe we can cast a few aspersions on Texas for whatever gun-toting permissions it offers lunatics like these–and this great grandfather dude gets himself killed…

So now his family is suing the restaurant?

Did the restaurant itself shoot him? Didn’t know restaurants could do that, although I’ve only been on Texas land once, when my flight from Calvary insisted on landing in Dallas before bringing me back home to New York and I never got out of the plane. So it’s possible that Texas restaurants have the right to openly carry and shoot weapons.

Dare I suggest this lawsuit was filed because only the restaurant has any pockets whatsoever? I mean, bikers own bikes, and guns, and leathers but not, I’d guess, deep pockets.


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