Civil rights lawsuit v NYPD emerges from Ray Kelly’s reign

From the Daily News:  EXCLUSIVE: Los Angeles man sues city and NYPD officers, claiming he was beaten and arrested for asking ‘Why?’ – NY Daily News.

It wasn’t the New York he signed up for.

Los Angeles transplant Evan King says a cop called him a “d–k,” threw him to the ground, then was joined by other officers in roughing him up because he dared to ask why he was stopped and questioned at a Midtown subway station.

Only a short time ago we read the angry debate about Ray Kelly and Mike Bloomberg’s stop-and-frisk policy and its psychological (and legal) ravages on New York citizens, mostly men of color, like Evan King.

We can hope that Mr. King’s righteous lawsuit against P.O. Anthony Francavilla (who had been sued for a similar act in 2011) will be remembered as a remnant of a different time, different administration, different attitude toward policing a big city.


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