Communicating with lawyers: a lawyer’s POV on communicating with clients

Just ran into this, in which a law firm advisory presents a bullet list to lawyers about how to communicate with clients: Ability To Communicate With Clients Can Be Key | The Business of Serving Clients.

As a client, I always find it amusing (and sometimes bewildering) to see what lawyers are told (by other lawyers) what they need to do to communicate with us laypeople. I have a number of suggestions that would elaborate on this list, and explain to lawyers what we clients really need in the way of communications, although I think this list does cover some areas. (My fave is #4: “Don’t disappear. If the client you’re working with likes updates, provide the proper updates. Don’t wait for a client to ask you about the progress.”)

Still, though, the POVs of lawyers and clients come from different countries, separated by major bodies of water.


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