Communicating with your lawyer: stop calling!

I promised my lawyer I’d tell everybody this little story about the behavior of a particular client.

This legal situation did not involve a lawsuit, which might cause a client to be a little frantic and crazy. This happened over a closing on an apartment purchase.

The closing had been set. Everybody concerned knew the date, the time, the place. All the paperwork was in the lawyer’s hands. The client had been fully informed. Yet he — who was not a first-time purchaser but was experienced in this process — began calling his lawyer almost every half hour a couple of days before the closing. He wanted to know if everything was ready, if, if, if.

Over and over the lawyer told him that everything was fine, everything was set, yes, yes, yes. Yet over and over the client called, asking the same questions, demanding reiterative reassurances.

Finally, my own lawyer, whose colleague was the object of this assault, picked up the phone and told the client, “Stop this. You’re fine. Everything is set. Have a good weekend. Stop calling.”

The moral of this story is obvious. Do you need me to say it? Okay, I’ll say it: once your lawyer has told you everything is set, stop calling.


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