Concealed guns on Colorado campus now legal

From Dan Frosch at the New York Times comes an article entitled “University of Colorado is Uneasy as Court Ruling Allows Guns on Campus.”

I am furious about this garbage — garbage, in this case, produced by a Colorado State Supreme Court ruling that “forced the university to allow those with Colorado concealed weapon permits to carry their guns on campus…”

The professors are “uneasy”? No kidding. Especially after the Colorado movie theater shoot-up by a guy who attended the university for a while. He must be the poster boy for guns on campus.

But the court ever-so-valiantly responded to a conservative legal foundation’s lawsuit. One of the named plaintiffs was John Davis, once a grad student at the university, who said:

…he had wanted to carry his Ruger p90 pistol on campus for protection, as he often found himself leaving school alone at night.

“I felt that the right to defend me and my family shouldn’t be taken away because some people are afraid of firearms and nervous around them,” said Mr. David, an Army veteran.

This guy needs intensive psychotherapy, not a Ruger. Maybe he doesn’t know the difference.

Here’s what one sane and maybe even courageous professor said: “This is a place where we depend on being able to speak our minds and offer sometimes controversial opinions in a free and open place…The feeling among a percentage of faculty is that this will create a climate of fear and intimidation.”

I’ve always admired the genius of non-violent protests in the face of violence. I think it’s time for a nation-wide revival. I suggest that university teachers, especially union members, hold a non-violent protest, a sit-in, which would involve a day of not teaching. And I’d love to see university teachers everywhere in the United States walk out in empathy.

People who demand their “right” to carry weapons into college classrooms — just in case these poor guys feel threatened and must protect themselves (from what? ideas they don’t like?) — are fucking crazy. They are primitives, dumbly dreaming of returning to the days of the wild West and saloon justice.

This all-American insanity has to stop.


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