“Concierge medicine.” The Final Post Script — or so I hope

After my experiences — here, and here, and here — with my internist’s choice to move her practice into “concierge medicine” (will I ever stop using “”? Nah), and my choice not to participate, which I told her personally, I thought that’d be it with the sales pitch.


Every day of the past week, I got an email notice to check in with my doctors’ messages, because I had one. So I checked. Every day my ex-doctor’s message was another “letter” from the “concierge practice” company, allegedly by my physician, promising me the same stuff they promised me initially.

Every day.

Then, one day, I got a robocall from a warm and friendly woman claiming she was from my doctor’s office, again pitching “concierge medicine.”

I’m trying to come up with some entity which hard sells as hard as does this “concierge practice” business, but can’t. Spectrum pitches me, but via mailings. (They must suspect I’ll toggle back to them as soon as Verizon hikes its rate, because I’ve done it several times previously.)

No political entity — and I’m empathetic to them and would send money if I had it — pounds at me the way “concierge practice” does. This preliminary stage of “concierge practice” might give me an ulcer. (That’s a joke; my digestive system remains in fine fettle.)

Possible good news: so far this week, nothin’ from the, uh…can I call “concierge practice,” CP, for short? Would you get the joke if I do?

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