Congress is doing things

On Thursday, June 16, 2022.

From Senator Mark Warner: Ambition is not confined by income bracket or zip code. Unfortunately, access to start-up capital often is. Today, I introduced a bipartisan bill to get a tax credit to promote private investment in community lenders. It’s a step towards building an economy that works for all.

From NPR:The Senate has approved a proposal that would allow borrowers stuck with student loan debt linked to a spouse or ex-spouse to separate those loans. For many, it could also open a path to having their loans erased as part of a federal loan-forgiveness program.

If approved by the House and signed by President Biden, the legislation would close a loophole created in the 1990s that allowed married couples to consolidate their student loans for a lower interest rate. Congress shuttered the program in 2006, but never passed a way to separate the loans.

Of course, not everybody in Congress is doing good things. Remember the legislation to give veterans exposed to burn pits proper health care? Yes? It passed 84-14. Who were the 14 senators who voted “No”? All Republicans: Burr Crapo Lankford Lee Lummis Paul Risch Romney Rounds Shelby Thune Tillis Toomey Tuberville.

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