“Corporations aren’t people. Americans get it. Gorsuch doesn’t.”

OPINION | Our democracy won’t work if all our citizens don’t have an equal voice.

Source: Corporations aren’t people. Americans get it. Gorsuch doesn’t. | TheHill

This is a take-down of Neil Gorsuch and his candidacy for the Supreme Court, written by Tiffany Muller, the President and Executive Director of End Citizens United, a grassroots group with that stated intention.

In specifying Gorsuch’s opinions supporting the “corporations are people” crapola, she makes it clear why corporate oligarchs–see my many posts on the Neu Wannsee Conference, a/k/a the Koch Bros Final Solution to Democracy–and their dark money components are paying for Gorsuch’s campaign.

He loves ’em.

Some of her comments:

Our democracy won’t work if all our citizens don’t have an equal voice. Yet, Trump’s nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch, who supported a ruling that corporations are people, flies in the face of such an idea. It undercuts the belief held by a large, bipartisan majority of Americans who agree that we should overturn the Citizens United decision, which empowered corporate special interests and opened the floodgates for unlimited and undisclosed money in our elections.


Neil Gorsuch’s record is troubling, to say the least. In the Hobby Lobby case, he supported a ruling which held that corporations are “persons.” In Riddle v. Hickenlooper, his opinion suggested a desire to give unprecedented constitutional protections to political contributions – which would throw out our last remaining limits on mega-donors who are trying to buy our elections.

This record indicates that Judge Gorsuch would join the extreme wing on the Court to form a majority that ensures the system stays rigged to favor corporations and billionaires with special interests.

Gorsuch’s nomination is part of a troubling and dangerous pattern. He’s the latest in a long line of President Trump’s appointments who are hostile to safeguards in our campaign finance laws that are designed to protect our democracy from the corrosive influence of money in politics.

And she ends with…

The stakes are as high as ever. Our democracy is on the line. The U.S. Senate must reject Judge Gorsuch.

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