Could I get famous cutting up my Chanel bag?

Newly seeking ways of becoming famous, I was excited to read in the Times that Russian influencers (I’ll have to dissect the whole…career thing called Influencing, but not today), having heard that Chanel will be closing its stores in Russia and requiring purchasers in places like Dubai to swear they won’t be taking the bags to Russia…

So these Russian influencers are protesting by cutting up their Chanel bags! On video!

“This is Russophobia,” [an influencer] said in a phone call from Moscow. “This is the purest form of discrimination.”

Well, no. It isn’t.

I sit here thinking, how can I become famous by cutting up a Chanel bag on video when I have neither video capabilities nor a Chanel bag? I’ve got a couple of SportSacs but cutting them up isn’t in my future. Because I use them. Every day. Except when I throw them into the wash. Which I doubt you can do with Chanel.

Chanel bags can cost — good grief! and I say that spontaneously — $9,500. Moreover, the $9,500 bag I just saw a pic of is heavily quilted lambskin, with a chain. You know, Chanel-ish. It would be damn difficult to cut up such a bag, and fairly impossible while you were holding a video device in your other hand.

Of course, it’s possible Russian influencers cutting up Chanel bags are actually cutting up Canal “Chanels.” Although I haven’t been to Canal Street since the pandemic and can’t verify that “Chanels” are selling like blini.

Clearly, I’m not going to get famous by trashing Russian influencers publicly instead of their Chanel bags.

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