“Couldn’t bare stripper pay”

My new fave Daily News reporter Robert Gearty has stepped from restaurant and cuisine lawsuits, larded with Gearty’s wonderful puns, to a stripper lawsuit.

You may be surprised but I am sympathetic to Crystal DiCesare. She was proud and smart enough to quit after only two months. And nobody who works any job should receive less than the minimum wage:

A hardworking stripper for an adult entertainment firm that delivers dancers to clients’ doorsteps earned less than the bare minimum, a lawsuit charges.

Crystal DiCesare sued Dial-A-Dancer in Manhattan Federal Court on Monday for stiffing her on wages, overtime and tips.

Dial-A-Dancer hired the Brooklyn stripper in October. She quit two months later. The lawsuit claims that DiCesare worked 12-hour shifts, three nights a week without being paid any hourly wage or overtime.

DiCesare says she usually worked three parties a night and the tips totaled about $500. After the tips were split and Dial-A-Dancer owner Roger Otway got his cut, her pay amounted to about $150 to $200 a week, the court papers say.

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