“Court Finds No Right to Conceal a Firearm”

Could it be? A sane decision on guns from a court?

Yes. “A federal appeals court [10th Circuit, in Denver] has ruled that permits allowing people to carry concealed weapons are not protected by the Second Amendment.”

I have nothing further to add. The New York Times article (via AP) says it all.

Oh. Except these two short paragraphs:

The National Rifle Association did not return a phone call seeking comment and Mr. [Gray] Peterson [the plaintiff] could not be located for comment.

 I guess he’s concealing himself.

According to court records, Mr. Peterson had permits from Florida and Washington. Mr. Peterson said he was a frequent visitor to Denver and needed to carry a firearm during his visits.

The piece did not say why exactly Mr. Peterson needed to carry a gun during his visits to Denver.


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