COVID 19: Advice from Dr. Deb, my sister who…

is professionally known as Deborah Fein, MD. She’s a renal specialist in New Jersey, and — our great family pride — has been on the list of best doctors in the metropolitan area.

It is past time for Americans to now acknowledge the spread of this disease, listen to scientists and tell the truth about their exposure to Covid 19. It is time to suppress your panic and greed, and put aside the president’s lies and his legitimization of disinformation and stupidity. He is an inadvertent assassin. It is NOT ok to shake hands. It was not ok to defund the CDC and pandemic task force and deny his responsibility in doing so.

Inept management of our airport screening is creating mass lines of viral “soup” at our airports. It is NOT ok to go out for this or any holidays for now. Not even sure what the strategy is recommending get togethers of less than 50 or 250 groups. That is also not ok. Staying home as a family without visitors is obviously safer.

It is not all right to assault health care professionals wearing scrubs. This happened in a supermarket in NH this weekend. Health professionals are the heroes here. We are doing our best without adequate protection or sufficient beds or ventilators to keep you alive.

Disney should be economically “smacked” for allowing hordes of visitors. Their profits will not save, and in fact will cost many lives. The virus is exploding in Florida right now.

Racism was never and still is not ok so stop blaming and assaulting Asians and Orthodox Jews.

Youth and money will not guarantee survival. Young people, some RNs and physicians, are dying. Your behavior and willingness to accept some inconvenience can save lives including yours and your family’s. Your response can be aiding and abetting or helping to slow the spread of this ubiquitous virus. Our hospitals are fragile, under supplied and understaffed.

Wake up to this failure of government and leadership. Your lives depend on opening your eyes and accepting but not panicking over reality.

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