COVID news from around the neighborhood. Sigh

From Harper’s Weekly Review:

Big cats and primates at the Jacksonville Zoo, in Florida, will receive COVID-19 vaccinations, and a judge in Ohio reversed an emergency order that compelled a hospital to administer ivermectin to a COVID-19 patient in a medically induced coma after his wife obtained a prescription from an outside physician.

So big cats and (lower) primates will be getting the vaccine in Florida while ivermectin is the preferred treatment for the highest level of primates, i.e., human beings. Now I’m wondering whether this woman was maybe trying to murder her husband.


A Vietnamese woman who was indicted for refusing to quarantine against COVID-19 in a state facility fought off police officers in the nude.

My favorite…

In Port Alberni, British Columbia, a customer in a Dairy Queen urinated on a counter after being asked to wear a mask. “You do not have a brain,” he told staff members.

And new types of crimes are emerging…

A Lyndhurst, New Jersey, woman was charged with selling forged vaccination cards and soliciting pharmacy and hospital workers to submit the names of the cards’ buyers into state databases after a TikTok user exposed the scheme by posing as a Walgreens employee.

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