Crazy about banning books? How about management journal articles with impenetrable titles?

From Harper’s November 23 Findings:

The Academy of Management Journal published “A Spillover Model of Dreams and Work Behavior: How Dream Meaning Ascription Promotes Awe and Employee Resilience.”

I have read this title a bunch of times and I don’t fully understand it. Does this mean I have to get an MBA? Also, is dream meaning what management is getting into these days? Also, “management” of what exactly?

P.S. I’m putting this under the “Capitalism” category; I must assume this has something to do with business.

P.P.S. I don’t really want to ban this; I want someone to explain it to me. And/or explain why management people can’t or don’t want to write in comprehensible English.

P.P.S. Did John Cleese write this title?

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