Crime around the world. Including Daytona Beach. And Duluth

All below come from Harper’s Weekly Review:

The Polish Supreme Court ruled that a writer who called President Andrzej Duda a “moron” should not be punished, and a Vietnamese noodle vendor was sentenced to five and a half years in prison for a video in which he mocked a top official for eating a gold-encrusted steak at the restaurant owned by the chef known as “Salt Bae.”

One more day to feel deep gratitude that we in the United States have a First Amendment. Whew.

It was reported that a Duluth landlord intentionally set his apartment on fire while blasting Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” and a Louisville man was arrested for shooting his roommate “in the ass” because he ate the last Hot Pocket. A Floridian claiming to be a time traveler who threw a brick through a window was reported to claim that he was trying to save a baby from an unspecified future event, and a man accused of breaking into a house in Daytona Beach said that he was fleeing a ghost.


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