Crosstown buses in NYC

A new Guinness World Record was set in the neighborhood last week. “Kevin Fast, a 58-year-old Canadian strongman pulled a 40-foot, 33,400-pound MTA all-electric bus a remarkable 16 feet using just his upper body,” SILive reported. “The successful attempt took place on West 67th Street, between Columbus Avenue and Central Park West, and was nationally televised on the morning talk show “Live with Kelly and Ryan.”

I have something to say about this item from West Side Rag.

Once I took a 66th Street crosstown bus from West End Avenue to the Upper East Side. It took — and I’m not exaggerating — twenty minutes to get to Central Park West, about three blocks.

That was the last time I ever took that West-East crosstown route or its return East-West route on 67th Street.

My point, of course, is that strongman Kevin Fast was Fast-er pulling that bus than the bus would have been moving on its own (electric) power. I’m not sure what the MTA is suggesting in staging this event but I could, if I liked, make up some stuff.

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