Crowd “violence” and police responses

From Harper’s Weekly Report:

Violent clashes between police-brutality protesters and law-enforcement officers broke out in several American cities, and protests continued in Portland, Oregon, where the Trump Administration has deployed members of the Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC), a unit that normally conducts high-risk raids against smugglers along the border, to counter demonstrators equipped with umbrellas, bicycle helmets, and pool noodles. The Wall of Moms, the Wall of Vets, Lawyers for Black Lives, Teachers Against Tyrants, and Chef Bloc all participated in the Portland demonstrations, and a group of dads used leaf blowers to disperse tear gas. “Thank you leaf-blower dads!” shouted one protester.

OK, let’s emphasize: one group wears T-shirts identifying their positions and wields leaf-blowers, the other group doesn’t identify anything at all and carries heavy weaponry. If we’re denoting a violent mob, I’m going to go with the “federal whatevers” and their weapons.

A prosecutor in Snohomish County, Washington, refused to bring fourth-degree assault charges against a protester who had been arrested for teasing a police officer with a donut…

Even a very, very stale donut isn’t going to do any harm, even if it were thrown. And it wasn’t.

It was reported that the police department in King City, California, had required all its officers to use handgun-mounted cameras. “I really felt it was important to have that perspective of what the officer can most likely see,” said the police chief. “And the best point of view to see that is from the barrel of the handgun.”

Let me link this one to what I wrote about cops a few weeks ago.

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