Cuban funds, woman “duped by spying spouse”?

I’ll admit it. My sense of humor–even given it has always been absurdist and occasionally black–has been swinging wildly lately, as if it were all by itself bi-polar.

The body in which the humor is contained is not bi-polar.

That, as a way of explaining why I’m finding this abstract from today’s New York Law Journal hilariously funny, intriguing, funny, wild, funny…


I care about you, dear readers, and I want you to share my happiness or, rather, the few moments in which I feel it. So:

Judge Won’t Order NYS to Release Cuban Funds to Woman Duped by Spying Spouse

Joel Stashenko, New York Law Journal


A federal judge in Albany ruled Nov. 21 that a woman who unknowingly married a Cuban spy cannot collect a Florida default judgment of $7.17 million against the Cuban government and the former spouse from accounts held as abandoned property by New York state using the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act.

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