“Curtis Sliwa scammed ex to give child support to mistress”

Gotta confess: I have never liked the concept known as Curtis Sliwa. Never knew the guy, never wanted to. I saw his little red-beret vigilante group as offensive, scary, half-assed, pretentious “employment” for the kind of people who now proclaim they have the right to lug heavy weaponry around for self-defense. And I saw Sliwa as a Class A opportunist.

So I must say I read this tangled story about Sliwa’s ex-wife (I’m a few wives behind: what happened to Lisa? Wasn’t there a Lisa?) and her lawsuit against Sliwa for, as the Daily News put it:

‘Frozen’ assets: Sliwa ex: Kid aid a scam.

One line in the lawsuit says SO much: “Curtis Sliwa is an inveterate, world-class liar.” You don’t see language like that in many lawsuits.

So it’s fun, involving, as it does, assertions (and insertions) of frozen sperm. You will want to read this as part of your weekend entertainment: Curtis Sliwa scammed ex to give child support to ¬†mistress, lawsuit claims¬† – NY Daily News.

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