Cyberstalking, suing and who knows what else?

I read this article (DJ says she lost social media gigs after being cyber stalked by fiancé’s ex-girlfriend – NY Daily News.) last night when I was very tired, so that might explain why I didn’t understand it. Barbara Ross’s reporting was just fine but the story itself was just too complicated.

Two good-looking women fighting over (or with) one good-looking man, alleged cyberstalking, a “glamorous international DJ” (whatever that is), too many sobriquets for me to follow, lawsuits lawsuits everywhere and I don’t know what else.

One name did sound familiar: Samir Tabar. He’s appeared in Sidebar previously.

I’m sure you can figure out this tangle without my help. Which you are not getting in any case.

Daily News hard copy headline: “POKING BACK: DJ: Facebook stalking by fiancé’s ex cost me.”


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