Daily News headline: “Auntie Christ!”

A jury in Connecticut decided Jennifer Connell didn’t deserve a penny.

Source: Aunt loses suit against nephew, 12, over wrist-breaking hug – NY Daily News

I read this story in today’s Daily News and said, “HUH?!” Then I said it again: “HUHHHHH?!”

When I went into the online edition of the paper, I learned that my “HUH?!” was echoed by the jury.

You’ve gotta read this story to believe it. The essence? An aunt shows up for her 8-year-old nephew’s birthday, he gets so excited to see her, jumps into her arms for a big hug, they fall down, she breaks her wrist.

Years later, she sues the kid for negligence. Or something. First thing I thought (after “HUH?!”) was “isn’t there a 1 year statute of limitations on this thing?”

I am an aunt. I can promise my nieces I will never, ever sue them. Unless…

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