DailyKos Elections new incisive link: 2018 open House seats

You may have noticed: a bunch of Republican congressmen are calling it quits.

As I’ve mentioned, DailyKos Elections covers every race everywhere in the entire country. Plus, the writing is terrific and often laugh-out-loud witty.

Today–while narrating the immediate electoral history of one Michigan congressional district–DailyKos announced this:

P.S.: To help keep tabs on this ever-changing playing field in the wake of this big wave of GOP retirements, we’ve created a new House open seat tracker, complete with presidential results for every district. So far this cycle, eight House Republicans are calling it quits (and not just leaving the House to run for another office), while just one Democrat is doing the same.

Which means if you don’t want to spend time reading about every race everywhere in the entire country every day, but are hooked on worrying about what’s likely to happen in 2018 in open seats, well…

My P.S. I’m sticking the category the “American war on women” in–alon with “voting rights”–because here’s what DailyKos tells us about a previous race for this Michigan seat:

At a fundraiser for his congressional campaign, prominent conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly drew unflattering headlines for [Rocky] Raczkowski when she declared that, besides “the blacks,” the largest group to vote for Obama was unmarried women, because “when you kick your husband out, you’ve got to have big brother government to be your provider.” Raczkowski awkwardly tried to distance himself from Schlafly’s comments by saying he “believe[s] in equality for everyone. I’m color-blind and gender blind,” coming very close to accidently echoing Stephen Colbert. Raczkowski ran for the state Senate four years later and lost a tight primary to Marty Knollenberg.

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