“Dance with jurist over name draws $50,000 bail”

From Lowering the Bar, this incident from upstate New York (Dance with jurist over name draws $50,000 bail – Times Union.) begins:

What’s your name?

For Gregory J. Foland, a reputed follower of the anti-government sovereign citizen movement, that’s apparently a multiple choice question.

And one of his choices is to not answer it.

On Nov. 20, Albany County Judge Stephen Herrick asked Foland to identify himself at his arraignment on tax evasion charges. Foland wanted no part of it.

“Were you given the name Gregory Foland by your parents when you were born?” the clearly annoyed judge asked Foland.

“I don’t remember … I don’t recall,” Foland answered. “I was a baby.”

Do read on. It gets even crazier.


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