“Danny Trejo Does a Lawyer Ad”

Source, Lowering the Bar: Danny Trejo Does a Lawyer Ad

So. Who is Danny Trejo? He is, apparently, somebody–or at least enough of a somebody to be hired to film a TV ad for a lawyer.

In any case, Lowering the Bar has this to say about lawyer ads:

As always when I mention attorney advertising I’m only endorsing (or mocking) the ad itself, and don’t have a position about whatever it’s advertising. So having said that, I think Danny Trejo is awesome and that this is a pretty funny ad.

[Right here if you get into the full link you’ll see a video! Of Danny Trejo doing that ad!]

Even the disclaimer is pretty good: “Danny Trejo is not an attorney or a client. He’s a paid badass.”

I was also amused by the understandable but rather stark contrast between that ad and the one he did for the Spanish-language market:

[And another video! Of Danny Trejo spieling in Spanish!]

You do know how I feel about lawyer ads, right?



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