Dark money is going noir

Steve Mnuchin (he prefers to be called “Steven”) and the IRS (which prefers to be called “the IRS”) have just decided that Koch Bros*, et al dark money groups will no longer have to disclose their donors’ names to the IRS.

Here’s how Mnuchin described it:

“Americans shouldn’t be required to send the I.R.S. information that it doesn’t need to effectively enforce our tax laws, and the I.R.S. simply does not need tax returns with donor names and addresses to do its job in this area,” Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary, said in a statement on Monday evening.

So many things to critique in that statement. So many.

Of course, Congress, our legislative body, can do what they’re supposed to do: legislate. Write a law to impose disclosure requirements.

Because, you know, without ANY remaining disclosure requirements, we will not know who is shoveling money into those PACs. The Russians? Why not? Apparently they’ve been allegedly handing money to the NRA which, in turn, donates it to GOP candidates.

So. Where are we?

The next Mueller indictments should be naming the NRA, but that might wait until after Roger Stone, Julian Assange, some congressperson(s), some Trump campaign official(s), yadda, yadda, yadda (that’s Russian for “coconspirator” three times).

*I should start referring to the Koch Bros as the Koch Bro. David Koch has dropped out of everything because he’s ill, leaving only Charles, the most rabid Koch.


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