Defamation, sex, stalking accusations, wealth, death wishes…a lawsuit

Source, New York Law Journal: Circuit Opens Door to NY Discovery for Netherlands Suit

It must have been love but it’s [certainly!] over now. Here’s a taste of this juicy story, and see if you can follow all the twists and turns and who did what, or didn’t:

A woman suing for defamation in the Netherlands has been given a chance at discovery in New York in her quest to prove that a banking executive had her wrongly arrested for stalking him.

Dutch economist and former New York University professor Heleen Mees alleges she had a romantic relationship with Citigroup’s chief economist, Willem Buiter, and that Buiter trumped up allegations that she sent him over 3,000 threatening or sexually explicit emails. Allegedly included among the emails was the wish that Buiter’s “plane falls out of the sky” and pictures of dead birds.

Mees took a plea deal in Manhattan Criminal Court in 2014 that dropped a stalking charge as long as she underwent counseling and stayed away from Buiter and his wife. But she is suing in the Netherlands, claiming Buiter is falsely denying their former relationship and that the publicity surrounding her arrest caused her to lose her job at NYU.

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