Deflategate decision: William Rhoden (and Gary Myers)

Yesterday, when I reported the Second Circuit’s decision overturning the lower court pro-Brady/anti-NFL decision on “deflategate,” I referred you to the New York Times’ Michael Powell, and his original story which egregiously supported the NFL players association and equally egregiously was antagonistic to Roger Goodell and the NFL.

Last night I read the exemplary NYT sports columnist William Rhoden on the subject. As always, Rhoden–whose essays combine sociology and psychology with sports–comprehends the issues in depth. (And he’s a terrific writer.) Take a look:

Source: With Deflategate Ruling, Roger Goodell Is Firmly in Control – The New York Times

By affirming the commissioner’s authority to administer discipline, the ruling in Tom Brady’s case also affirmed Goodell’s power, power the players’ union willingly gave up.

Now take a look at the opinion of Daily News sports columnist Gary Myers, who so misunderstands the federal court system he thinks the NFL players union might take this case all the way up to the Supreme Court.

My fascination with media opinions is longstanding, and has led me to work on an article called “How I Learned the Facts of Life,” in which I relate the three and a half lessons I’ve had in carving facts out of slanted opinions.

But you’ll have to wait until I finish it.


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