Deposition testimony: watch what you say

‘Cause Donald Trump doesn’t.

I give you this, from the New York Times, not as a comment on Donald Trump (no one can comment on Donald Trump, not really) but as an example of what can happen in your own deposition if you don’t pay attention to–or care about–what you say.

Especially if you call an opposition lawyer, a nursing mom who asked for a break to pump milk, “disgusting.” PS. Why do I sense that Mr. Trump lost a number of these lawsuits?

Trump under oath.
Hundreds of pages of sworn testimony by Donald J. Trump show a variety of hyperbolic overstatements, shadings of the truth, outright misstatements, and boorish and demeaning comments.
The testimony, drawn from a series of lawsuits since 2007, reveals some of the personal preoccupations and business tactics of the developer-turned-candidate.
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