Depositions: a video of a dramatized deposition

I got this from Lowering the Bar so, although I haven’t watched it, the “Lowering the Bar” label and link − What Is a Photocopier? Deposition, Dramatized – Lowering the Bar. − suggests that it’s pretty funny. It’s a dramatized “reading” of an actual deposition in an actual case.

Kevin Underhill, the maestro of Lowering the Bar, says it’s hilarious and adds this warning:

You might turn the volume down or close your office door, because there is some yelling.

And do not by-pass Kevin’s* links to previous posts about this deposition, during which there was a not-so-atypical exchange among the deponent, his lawyer and the lawyer conducting the deposition about the definition of “photocopier.” To me, it’s pretty classic deposition stuff.

* I shouldn’t call him “Kevin,” because I’ve never met him but he is my newest bestest friend so…


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