Depositions: don’t behave like Justin Bieber

Ah gee. Another Don’t Behave Like A Celebrity In Your Deposition lesson — this one from my blog crush, Lowering the Bar. (These celebs! Do they grasp how grateful I am that they sacrificed themselves ever so abjectly to give us all these examples of what not to do in depositions?)

Bieber Deposed

And surprise! He’s a complete tool.

TMZ has posted several clips taken from the Biebs’ recent 4.5-hour deposition in a case involving allegations that his bodyguard beat up a photographer. In this clip, which TMZ calls “Arrogant Bieber,” it has put together examples of Bieber displaying his obvious contempt for the other side’s lawyer and the whole process. At one point, for example, he claims not to remember whether he’s ever been to Australia, just to be difficult.

And for all you raving fans (of Sidebar — what did you think I was talking about? Bieber?), there’s also…video! Of Justin Bieber, behaving foolishly during a deposition.

I couldn’t have offered you more if I’d video-ed my own defendants.

And that’s entertainment! Enjoy.

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