Depositions in defamation case: Celebrities like Tom Cruise don’t understand

Yes, you’re right, my title up there re depositions is simply an excuse for linking you to this juicy Daily News story about Tom Cruise’s deposition testimony in a defamation lawsuit he has filed. The deposition naturally concerned his divorce from Katie Holmes:Tom Cruise: I didn’t see Suri for 110 days; Scientology made Katie Holmes flee – NY Daily News.

But still, still, look at the things Cruise said during his “explosive court deposition”( the Daily News credits the deposition transcript quotes to RadarOnline). The deposition was “sparked by his [Cruise’s] $50 million lawsuit accusing Life & Style and In Touch magazines of defaming him in cover stories in 2012 claiming he had ‘abandoned’ his daughter.”

There are so many reasons Cruise shouldn’t have sued for defamation, but let us derive our chief lesson from this story: if you’re being deposed, there are things you shouldn’t say. For instance: “Listen, I find that question offensive.” Especially when, later in the deposition, you answer that “offensive” question by admitting the truth in the question. And the answer undermines the point of your defamation lawsuit.

Let’s see how many tips you can acquire about how not to behave during depositions.

(Truth is, I so detest Scientology, I’d link to this piece without any lawsuit excuse whatsoever. And I greatly like Katie Holmes for rescuing her little girl from this “religion.”)

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