Depositions: Must defendants be deposed?

A search string today: “I am a defendant. Why would my attorney schedule me for a deposition?”

Answer: Whaaa?

Real answer: because your attorney undoubtedly received a deposition subpoena from the plaintiff’s attorney requiring that you be deposed, and then probably had a conversation with the plaintiff’s attorney discussing possible deposition dates, and then followed up that conversation with telling you he/she was working out a schedule for your deposition. Or talked to you first about possible deposition dates…

Comment: I don’t understand this question. If you are a party, a/k/a person involved in one side of a lawsuit or the other–defendant or plaintiff–you will be deposed if the other side wants to depose you, unless you settle the lawsuit before depositions are scheduled. Didn’t your lawyer explain this? Or didn’t you pay attention when he/she did?

If you try to avoid being deposed, there will be consequences. Better ask your lawyer about this, and pay attention when he/she tells you all about it.

And do take a look at the nice little string of clickable links on the top of this page (I worked hard on them when I first set up this blog), and click on “Lawsuit Stages: Lawyer’s POV.” In there you’ll see “depositions.” (Of course, this is my own POV of the stages of a lawsuit from a lawyer’s POV, but hey. “Depositions” are in there and it doesn’t say “Only plaintiff’s deposition.” I know: I just checked.)

And then, just to make sure I didn’t forget anything, click on “Lawsuit Stages: Plaintiff’s POV.” Yep, it’s in there, too. Depositions.

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