Depositions: should you go to defendant’s deposition?

Two search terms today, so two opportunities for me to go nuts. (Well, three, really…but you know what I’m talking about so I won’t specify.)

(1) my lawyer filed a lawsuit but did not let me attend defendant’s deposition

(2) what to do when your attorney ignores you

I’ve got a feeling these two items came from the same person, so one response from me:


Maybe there’s a rational explanation for this. Maybe the plaintiff/person with the search term is so out of control his lawyer thought, “Gee, better not have him at the defendant’s deposition.”

But–and here’s my prejudice showing–I don’t think someone who’s able to put together a sentence without typos and without misspellings is out of control.

I’m not a lawyer but I’ll go back to my first response:

HUH?  And add some ?????





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