Depositions: Who gets to be at ’em?

This is a quickie because I’m about to subside into the NFL playoffs, but…

Got a search string saying, “Why is the defendant at my deposition?”

I am failing you, my dear readers. Failing in my chosen mission to — what does that cute little thing say on the first page of Sidebar? Oh yeah: “How to manage your lawsuit, your lawyer and your life.” If I weren’t failing, you could not be asking this question.

The defendant is at your deposition because you get to be at his. All the parties in a lawsuit have the right to attend all depositions in the lawsuit. If there are five plaintiffs, each has a right to attend all depositions. So do five defendants. (I don’t know what lawyers do when a heap of parties come to depositions. Maybe they rent a theater.)

Okay? Now I’m going to watch football.

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