Depositions: who should attend?

I’ve been getting a series of alarming searches on the subject of “should the plaintiff attend the defendant’s deposition?”

And I’ve responded: YES YES YES YES YES. Of course. You must.

Today I got a search string so much more alarming I don’t know if I’ve read it correctly. It says, “Does plaintiff’s lawyer attend all depos —” It cuts off there.

Oh people, why are you so upsetting me?

Let me rephrase that search string. Sort of. “Should your lawyer, presuming you are the plaintiff, attend all the depositions involved with your case?”


If your lawyer is not attending all the depositions — or conducting them, for that matter, because as you must know your lawyer should be conducting, i.e., asking the questions of all defendants and other witnesses you need for your case ….

You must immediately get another lawyer. Unless whoever wrote that search string just made a teeny little typo-sort-of mistake. Or unless you’re just teasing me because you know asking such a question drives me nuts and you love watching me go nuts, that’s it, isn’t it, a big tease, that’s all?


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