Describing the current “presidency”

Since I suspect most of you aren’t addicted to (a) Twitter and (b) reading tons of comments in the New York Times, I offer my own scrolling mania as a service. You don’t have to do this; I will do it for you.

Today, in response to the New York Times article on Ivanka Trump’s elevation to diplomatic ambassador — she’s going to Korea for the Olympics’ closing ceremony — I found this letter from Deb and loved it and laughed, especially at Deb’s last paragraph.

The paragraph in the Times piece which Deb refers to, and found so particularly enraging, is this one which, too, is pretty funny but not as funny as Deb’s:

Administration officials said [Ivanka] was fully prepared to discuss Mr. Trump’s “maximum pressure” policy with Mr. Moon, the South Korean news media or with North Korean officials, should she run into any.


Blue Ridge Mtns. 3 hours ago

Ivanka Trump has no business discussing “maximum pressure” policy or any other policy with these two countries or media. Sending her after Pence made a mule’s behind of himself, looks like another “I have a bigger button” statement – my daughter beats your sister – nah nah nah!

I pity President Moon – trying to find a peaceful solution between a ruthless dictator to the north, and an American administration that’s somewhere between a Jerry Springer show, Beavis and Butthead, and the Three Stooges.

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