Deutsche Bank Center? At One Columbus Circle?

From today’s West Side Rag, this:

Goodbye Time Warner Center, hello Deutsche Bank Center. “Commercial Observer can first report that the Time Warner Center is going to be officially renamed the Deutsche Bank Center, thanks to the fact that Deutsche Bank has officially leased 1.1 million square feet at the One Columbus Circle complex, taking all the available office space except for the building’s 20th floor.”

Now, let me see. Where have I read that name — Deutsche Bank — recently? Hmmm.

December 22, 2017: “Prosecutors Said to Seek Kushner Records From Deutsche Bank.” That’s the federal prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York, i.e., Brooklyn. We know what the Southern District has been doing. Let’s not leave the Eastern District out of it. And don’t think because a year has passed they’re not doing anything or have dropped the investigation.

November 29, 2018: “Deutsche Bank Offices Searched in Money Laundering Investigation.”

December 13, 2018: “Top Democratic Lawmakers Seeks Probe Into Deutsche Bank Controls” — over money laundering.

December 16, 2018: “Qatar Considering Increasing Stake in Deutsche Bank”

Qatar. Hmm. Where I have read about Qatar recently? Maybe this?

So Deutsche Bank is taking over One Columbus Circle and deleting the name “Time Warner” from the building?

Where have I heard about removing names from buildings recently — especially buildings on the Upper West Side?

Let’s see how this turns out, or if it turns out at all.


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