DeVos and the “libertarian” war on American women

Source: Betsy DeVos Says She Will Rewrite Rules on Campus Sex Assault – The New York Times

ARLINGTON, Va. — Saying that the Obama administration’s approach to policing campus sexual assault had “failed too many students,” Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said on Thursday that her administration would rewrite the rules in an effort to protect both the victims of sexual assault and the accused.

Advocates for assault victims reacted strongly and swiftly, as did Arne Duncan, who was education secretary during most of the Obama administration.

“This administration wants to take us back to the days when colleges swept sexual assault under the rug,” Mr. Duncan said in a statement. “Instead of building on important work to pursue justice, they are once again choosing politics over students, and students will pay the price.”

It’s no surprise that the administration of a man who has repeatedly treated women like prey would come up with such crap.

And do take a look at the photo which clearly labels where DeVos is delivering this speech: George Mason University, at the Antonin Scalia School of Law.

Which is why I’m calling this the “libertarian” war on American women. DeVos sits at the table of the Koch Bros Neu Wannsee Conference, i.e., their Final Solution to Democracy.

Their goal? To prevent what the, uh, deep state libertarian cabal (and as soon as I finish Nancy MacLean’s Democracy in Chains, I’ll further explain this) call “collectives”–note the backhand sneer at, o horror! Reds, commies–from voting.

What are “collectives”? Well, the majority of us. Union members, minority and majority activist groups, fact-based think tanks and pro bono organizations, anybody who supports Social Security, public schools, FEMA, universal health care, our military, our courts, government services…anyone or any group not belonging to the oligarchic class of the 1 percent.

Yes, that is the ultimate goal of “libertarians”: to make it difficult, if not impossible, for each of us who is not an oligarch to cast meaningful votes for our chosen government officials.

I’ve a lot more to say about this, but for now, read this letter to the editor of the New York Times Book Review section. It refers directly to James McGill Buchanan, the founding father of the anti-democratic and fairly cockamamie theory underpinning the Koch Bros and their $$$trillion campaign to destroy American democracy, as narrated in Professor MacLean’s Democracy in Chains.

9/1/2017. Letter to the editor of the New York Times Book Review, re James McGill Buchanan, the centerpiece of Democracy in Chains:

At a seminar on law and economics at Stanford in the late ’60s, I summarized for James McGill Buchanan (whose biography was reviewed on Aug. 20) some judicial opinions that emphasized the protection of unsophisticated consumers against merchants who took advantage of them. His response encapsulated his characteristic blend of economics and politics: “You mean you’ll allow these people to vote?” — Marshall S. Shapo, Evanston, Ill.

“These people” are us.

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