Did glam Standard Hotel mistreat pregnant employee?

Pregnant Standard hotel manager was hustled into guest room where she gave birth without a doctor present, suit claims – NY Daily News.

I read these stories and react exactly as Barbara Ross, the Daily News reporter, means me to: I’m pissed at the hotel, can’t believe glamorous hotels treat their staff this way, I’m offended, I’m empathetic, the plaintiff is a women, she was forced to give birth without a doctor’s assistance in a guest room of the Standard Hotel where she worked more than 80 hours a week, she was seriously dissed as not fitting “the culture” of the hotel…

And then there’s another part of my brain that says, Well, we’ll see how this plays out. We’ve now heard from the plaintiff and our justice system still permits defendants in lawsuits to, uh, defend themselves. Until they settle, that is.

I’m curious.

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