Did you believe any of these Russian Fakes of Life?

From the Mueller Report, Vol 1, pgs 33-34, in the footnotes there is a series of tweets produced by the Russian fake “news” machine, IRA [Internet Research Agency], and re-tweeted by Eric Trump; Kellyanne Conway; Brad Parscale; Michael Flynn; Don Jr. and his father. Et al.

Did you believe any of these? Did you buy into these fakes?

If you didn’t, did you wonder for a few seconds why Kellyanne Conway, say, didn’t do a bit of fact-checking before she re-tweeted?

Note: TEN_GOP is cited by the Mueller Report as an IRA-controlled Twitter account.

a. Trump Campaign Promotion of IRA Political Materials

Among the U.S. “leaders of public opinion” targeted by the IRA were various members and surrogates of the Trump Campaign. In total, Trump Campaign affiliates promoted dozens of tweets, posts, and other political content created by the IRA.

Some re-tweeted fakes:

@Eric Trump 10/20/16 Tweet (“RT @TEN_GOP: BREAKING Hillary shuts down press conference when asked about DNC Operatives corruption & #VoterFraud #debatenight #TrumpB”).

@KellyannePolls 11/6/16 Tweet (“RT @TEN_GOP: Mother of jailed sailor: ‘Hold Hillary to same standards as my son on Classified info’ #hillarysemail #WeinerGate.”).

@parscale 10/15/16 Tweet (“Thousands of deplorables chanting to the media: ‘Tell The Truth!’ RT if you are also done w/ biased Media! #Friday Feeling”).

@GenFlynn 11/7/16 (retweeting @TEN_GOP post that included in part “@realDonaldTrump & @mike_pence will be our next POTUS & VPOTUS.”).

@TEN_GOP 10/11/16 Tweet (“North Carolina finds 2,214 voters over the age of 110!!”).

@TEN_GOP 11/6/16 Tweet (“Mother of jailed sailor: ‘Hold Hillary to same standards as my son on classified info #hillaryemail #WeinerGate.”’).

@DonaldJTrumpJr 11/7/16 Tweet (“RT @Pamela_Moore13: Detroit residents speak out against the failed policies of Obama, Hillary & democrats ….”).

@realDonaldTrump 9/19/17 (7:33 p.m.) Tweet (“THANK YOU for your support Miami! My team just shared photos from your TRUMP SIGN WAVING DAY, yesterday! I love you – and there is no question – TOGETHER, WE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”).

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