Did you know what “meta” means? I didn’t. Until now

Of course we’d have to understand Hebrew, as Harper’s Weekly Review points out:

Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Facebook’s parent company would be renamed Meta, a word that in Hebrew means “dead,” as part of a $10 billion move toward the creation of a metaverse, which will use virtual and augmented reality to bring elements of the physical world into digital spaces and vice versa. “You’ll also even have a home office where you can work,” said Zuckerberg, in a presentation describing its future capabilities.

OK, now that you’ve seen this, a few questions.

Do you understand what Zuckerberg is talking about? I don’t. This business confirms — yet again — for me a fact I learned years ago: very rich people are very often not very intelligent. Maybe some sort of intelligence went into making them very rich but, as I saw for myself when working for a very rich man, wealth can be used to buffer rich people from facts, knowledge, reality. So when they talk, they sound pretty stupid.

Second question: Does Zuckerberg not realize that we already have home offices “where [we] can work”? I’m sitting in my own home office right now, working.

Third question: It takes $10 billion to do…whatever he suggests he’s doing, while the rest of us are going, “What on earth are you talking about? Because whatever you’re talking about as mega-innovation, seems already to be at our beck and call?”

Zuckerberg, as well as other rich guys who never fully grew up or grew into any adult intelligence, needs an intervention. I’m envisioning a group of committed de-cultists who, in cooperation with the rich person’s family or shareholders (an interesting question to be voted on in annual proxies), sweep the rich guy into vans or whatever and transport him to a rigorous isolated camp.

I leave it to your collective imagination to design the de-programming program and to name it.

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