Did your ex hack your Facebook account and post nasty sexual things on it?

Apparently this case–what an unpleasant situation!–was originally dismissed by a lower court. Now it’s been reinstated in federal court.

There was a case I remember involving a woman who posted a sexual critique of a guy and he sued her, but lost. She posted about him on her own account, if I recall correctly. Let’s see if I can dig up my post about it…

Posts, as it happens. Defamation is the key accusation here, and here. Both cases were dismissed.

This one is quite different, given that the woman’s account was hacked and it was on her hacked account where her ex posted malicious comments about her sexual activity.

Boy this internet thing is something, isn’t it? I have a feeling the Daily News will pick up on this one.

Circuit Revives Lawsuit Over Hacked Facebook Account

Mark Hamblett, New York Law Journal   

A woman who claims her ex-boyfriend altered her Facebook account and then posted malicious statements about her sexual activities has had her lawsuit revived by a federal appeals court.


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